Although the QR Code was originally designed to track automotive components and systems through the manufacturing process and distribution supply chain, it has rapidly spread to virtually every other area where traditional barcodes are used, as well as some entirely new ones.

  • Accurate admission control is possible through real-time data matching.
  • Man-hours for clerks can be cut down through the reading of codes with scanners. Etc. By scanning a QR Code with a smartphone, consumers can be connected to a relevant Web page or receive targeted marketing messages such as a special offer, discount coupon, product or store information, etc.
  • Since test results are sent to a server in real time, data input work can be cut down drastically.
  • Errors in data transfer can be eliminated.
  • Privacy is Maintained.
  • Since detailed checking function is implemented in the handheld terminal, errors such as overlooked tests and mixed-up test sequence can be prevented preemptively.

Problems / Disadvantage of using QR Code

  • Since clerks check paper tickets with their eyes, admission control many not be 100% accurate.
  • Many clerks are required for admission control. Reduce Cost, Time
  • Time Consuming Process, People shall ignore the Event / Switch to another Company.
  • Possibility of Losing Business. Etc.
  • Not only should businesses be using QR codes for it’s obvious benefits and advantages but they should also be educating customers on where and how to get the required information.

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